No. XLI/1 (2019)

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Edyta Drzazga
9 - 29
The interrelations of green criminology and traditional criminology

PDF (Język Polski)
Éva Inzelt
31 - 64
Theoretical and empirical approaches towards a better understanding of corporate crime in Hungary

Renata Szczepanik
65 - 123
The importance of the experience of staying in prison in the dynamics of habitual criminal careers. An interactive perspective

PDF (Język Polski)
Monika Płatek
125 - 217
Creating the dangerous and the bad

PDF (Język Polski)
Ewa Dawidziuk
219 - 260
Being isolated from society after serving one’s criminal sentence

PDF (Język Polski)
Helmut Kury, Annette Kuhlmann, Jorge Quintas
261 - 295
On the Preventative Effect of Sanctions for Drug Crime: The United States, Germany, and Portugal

Anna Jaworska-Wieloch, Olga Sitarz
297 - 323
The functionality and adequacy of the penal measure and probation order to leave premises occupied jointly by an aggrieved party. Do criminal law regulations meet the needs of victims?

PDF (Język Polski)
Jan Bazyli Klakla, Ewa Radomska, Katarzyna Struzińska, Michalina Szafrańska
325 - 380
Crime in Kraków in 2016–2017. A spatial analysis

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Joanna Klimczak
381 - 438
Characteristics of the crime of theft and its perpetrator based on court proceedings

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Michał Leciak
439 - 463
Ticket scalping in sport. Contemporary threats and the legitimacy of and perspectives on the criminal response

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Danuta Janicka
465 - 495
On the Fight against Beggary and Vagrancy within the Second Republic of Poland (1918–1939). A legal and historical study

PDF (Język Polski)
Mateusz Rodak
497 - 536
Inter-war period safe-breakers. An environmental analysis based on Warsaw

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