The procedure for accepting articles sent to the editorial board of 'The Archives of Criminology' for publication

  1. Every article published in TheArchives of Criminology must receive positive reviews from two independent reviewers.
  2. Each submitted text is initially verified by the editors: To what extent does it meet the editorial requirements? Is its subject matter related to the topicscovered by 'The Archives of Criminology'?To what extent does it constitute a response to the call for papers?
  3. The editors appoint reviewers in accordance with their specialization and the subject matter of the submitted article. The list of the reviewers is published on the journal’s website.
  4. The reviewers may not be affiliated with the academic institution which employs the author or have close personal ties to the author.
  5. The review is double-blind: the author’s name is not known to the reviewer and the name of the reviewer is not known to the author or to the other reviewer.
  6. The reviewer takes the following considerations into account during the review:
    1. Does the article meet the standards of a scientific text, i.e.:
      1. is the title of the article consistent with its content,
      2. is the text clear and does it contain contradictions,
      3. are the conclusions drawn by the author based on the data or on his or her own findings presented in the text,
      4. is the research methodology used by the author correct,
      5. is the text original and does it contain new information and
      6. does the material take into consideration contemporary scientific knowledge and the latest research?
    2. Was the text previously published in whole or in large part in another publication?
    3. Are there other objective reasons not to publish the text (e.g., other standards of integrity, diligence or reliability inconducting scientific research have been violated)?
  7. The review should be neutral and objective. It should contain a clear conclusion as to whether the text should be published in "The Archives of Criminology".
  8. The reviewer may suggest the author make changes or additions or shorten the text.
  9. The review is completed on a special form. The reviewer may additionally insert comments and notes directly into the text of the article.
  10. The review should be conducted and concluded within a maximum of 2 months from the receipt of the text for assessment.

Acceptance of an article for publishing

  1. An article is accepted for print when both reviews are positive.
  2. If the reviewers deem it necessary to make changes or additions to the text, then publication depends on the author’s introduction of said changes to the article.
  3. Each article accepted for print is subject to proofreading.

Final remarks

  1. The editorial office does not return submitted materials to authors.
  2. The editorial office may refuse to publish a text without providing justification.
  3. The editorial office does not pay for published texts.
  4. The editorial office does not pay for reviews.

Review form